Delbrots and the Man

Drone, Doom, Noise

Every time Delbrots and the Man go on stage they climb to the very top of the noise-mountain. Driven by the thunderous drums of the Man the noise department of the laptop-band Benoit and the Mandelbrots generates such heavy pressure that the listener is catapulted easily to infinity of the drone-universe. On its trajectory the listener comes to a state of total intoxication caused by the live-coded sounds of Delbrots, which are amplified by guitar and bass amps. But with one hit of the Man the listener is finally thrown back to earth.

Delbrots and the Man is a project by members of BenoƮt and the Mandelbrots, including The Man (Drums) and a live video performer (cappel:nord). The whole performance is mainly based on improvisation wherein the performers try to reach the limits of their network-based system. This project is focused on drone music, noise and distorted sounds. The laptop performers use SuperCollider for pattern and sound generation which are amplified by guitar- and bass amps.

No guitars involved.

No strings attached.

Delbrots & The MAN @ Jubez 6th Nov. 2011